Monday, June 1, 2009

the benefits of a Sunday nap

During a mandatory nap time for all family members in our household yesterday, Cole and Josiah made "good" use of the maps that hang above their beds.

The following is their collection of original jokes from their "naptime":
(all answers are states/countries)
1. Which state wears the most contacts?
2. Which state washes the floor the most?
3. Where do ants go in the winter?
4. Which state goes to the Dells the most?
5. What country gets hungry?
6. Which state is really annoying?
7. Which state says I'll wash the floor?
8. Which state had Indians in it?
9. Which state marries the most?
10. Which state has the most tennis shoes?
11. What country loves grease?
12. What country loves turkey?
13. What country has the most canyons?

1. Connecticut
2. Florida
3. Antartcia
4. Deleware
5. Hungary
6. Illinois
7. Washington
8. Indiana
9. Maryland
10. Tennessee
11. Greece
12. Turkey
13. Canada

They made me laugh! Hope you did too!!

"a nice day"

Isaac has the habit of spontaneously proclaiming "it's a niiiiice day!" It may be because the sun is shining (which is something to celebrate around here this spring) or it may be because we stopped for ice cream or just because Dad is home and we are enjoying being together again. It never ceases to make me pause and reflect on the simple good things of life when I hear him say those words.

Initially I left blogworld because we lost our computer service. Then, I thought I wouldn't return until we got the new computer. But, alas I feel the pull back even though we're not fully wired 24/7 at home here yet. Although blogging is is like Isaac's words to me...a moment to pause and reflect on the good things in our life and the wonderful opportunity to share them with those we love who are so far away from us.

A week ago, my sister and brother-in-law surprised our boys (and the rest of us) with tickets to the White Sox game in Chicago. They were playing the Pirates!! We were thrilled beyond words to see the Pirates come from behind (3-2) in the top of the 9th inning (2 outs) to win the game 4-3! Even for a lame sports enthusiast like their mom--this was a really exciting finish for the boys first professional sports game.
When the cheering got a little too loud...