Monday, June 1, 2009

the benefits of a Sunday nap

During a mandatory nap time for all family members in our household yesterday, Cole and Josiah made "good" use of the maps that hang above their beds.

The following is their collection of original jokes from their "naptime":
(all answers are states/countries)
1. Which state wears the most contacts?
2. Which state washes the floor the most?
3. Where do ants go in the winter?
4. Which state goes to the Dells the most?
5. What country gets hungry?
6. Which state is really annoying?
7. Which state says I'll wash the floor?
8. Which state had Indians in it?
9. Which state marries the most?
10. Which state has the most tennis shoes?
11. What country loves grease?
12. What country loves turkey?
13. What country has the most canyons?

1. Connecticut
2. Florida
3. Antartcia
4. Deleware
5. Hungary
6. Illinois
7. Washington
8. Indiana
9. Maryland
10. Tennessee
11. Greece
12. Turkey
13. Canada

They made me laugh! Hope you did too!!

"a nice day"

Isaac has the habit of spontaneously proclaiming "it's a niiiiice day!" It may be because the sun is shining (which is something to celebrate around here this spring) or it may be because we stopped for ice cream or just because Dad is home and we are enjoying being together again. It never ceases to make me pause and reflect on the simple good things of life when I hear him say those words.

Initially I left blogworld because we lost our computer service. Then, I thought I wouldn't return until we got the new computer. But, alas I feel the pull back even though we're not fully wired 24/7 at home here yet. Although blogging is is like Isaac's words to me...a moment to pause and reflect on the good things in our life and the wonderful opportunity to share them with those we love who are so far away from us.

A week ago, my sister and brother-in-law surprised our boys (and the rest of us) with tickets to the White Sox game in Chicago. They were playing the Pirates!! We were thrilled beyond words to see the Pirates come from behind (3-2) in the top of the 9th inning (2 outs) to win the game 4-3! Even for a lame sports enthusiast like their mom--this was a really exciting finish for the boys first professional sports game.
When the cheering got a little too loud...

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

happy b-day Dad!

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." --Abraham Lincoln

"I am thankful for 'tickle city'!"

"I am thankful Dad is my Dad because he's smart. And because sometimes he found my doll Emily in the car for me."

"I am thankful he plays football with me. And that I can play football with him."

"I am thankful he loves me and that he loves Jesus."

this is for the grandparents

I was experimenting with the video feature on our camera (the kids were expecting me to take a picture at any moment, so kept posing)...but the end of this video is so cute I knew a few people would enjoy it greatly. Isaac to Dad's rescue!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

really want to see

I made a new rule several years back of "no more war movies" together. I'm not anti-war...far from it...but simply found the gratuitous violence less than relaxing when we get the chance to watch something together. There's always exceptions to that rule and true stories always tip the scales for me to break "the rule." The movie Defiance that is just coming out is definitely one of those exceptions. We've been waiting and waiting for it to come out...and are both eager to go see it.

Monday, January 19, 2009

here we go!

Pittsburgh's going to Super Bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Ben and Polamolu did us proud...

January 11th is my sister's b-day, so the boys were thrilled to celebrate at her house (and get to watch the Steelers game on the big screen). In classic aunt amy mode, she gifted (on her b-day) every member of our family with terrible towels! Maddie has got the twirl down...she watches every moment of the game (stopping to play little people with Isaac along the way) and then stands up and twirls a towel in each arm at all the right moments.

Our kids favorite teams are the Boise Broncos (where Tom grew up), the Pittsburgh Steelers (where I grew up), and the Green Bay Packers (where they are growing up), although we really miss Farve.

Monday, January 12, 2009

another free photobook....

details here

if noone else benefits, I still brought a laugh to my mom's face (she is highly amused by my efforts to share the bargains) and she deserves a laugh after watching my children for countless hours while she was with us last week!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas festivities

I love this picture that reminds me of the feeling of being surrounded by those I love. Thanks to all who made our Christmas so special!
Josiah in his prized Polamolu (am I even spelling that right?) jersey...clutching his Boise Broncos shirt and ball (and wearing the hat!)...priceless picture that summarizes his gift interests this year.
Maddie had twins! She's a really great mom and relishes her newfound authority in all the issues twins entail. She promptly named them "Ella" and "Ellen"...but later switched to "Ella" & "Gina."
Josiah and Cole with their b-b guns in the backyard. A classic coming of age Christmas moment.
Nana at "the" Taste of Home visitor's center. It was so exciting to take her there as she really loves their publications and is a superb cook. Any of you that have gotten recipes from me...chances are, they're from my mother-in-law!

Nobody reads stories like Nana!
A long-awaited moment...cousins sleeping out together under the Christmas tree!
A prettier pair of princesses you just won't find. Their evident love for each other in this picture is exactly how they are in real life. I just love watching them together. One time Jeff was painting (back in PA) and had Becca with him on a job. He called me asking if Becca could talk with Maddie a few minutes because she was losing interest and he was closing in on finish. They talked for 45 minutes!! About the most mundane details...the color of their fancy dresses, fancy shoes, the color of the walls of the rooms they happened to be standing in, and on and on and on. One of those conversations we will be telling them about for years to come I suspect.
Beautiful Aunt Krys with sweet twins Grant and Graham. They look so festive in their red shirts together. This trip, Grant was definitely the most social (but both of them easily make up to you). Our funniest story was how they both loved Gramps' cashews. They would find his can at all hours of the day and come up to him with a little shake of the can and a little grunt that they knew Gramps could never deny them. I think they cleaned out the whole can between the 3 of them!
Jeff celebrated a b-day at our house. What a treat to share it with him.
The gals escaped on Saturday to head to our favorite tea-room in Antioch (thanks Katie & Matt, we used your gift cert.!) and really enjoyed the ambience together.

  • Christmas dinner....we look like such a small crowd minus the kiddos. Early Christmas morning, we shared presents with both my sisters and mom who drove up from Chicago. It was really magnificent to have both sides (at least in part) of our family together. Our hearts are really full...and I know that sounds trite and cliched...but there's no other way to say it. We've been richly loved and blessed by the heritage we come from....and we are so blessed to be able to have the gift of loving all our family in return. That reality was so real and felt in our hearts this Christmas.
  • I did not have a digital camera that was working this Christmas, but was able to lift pics from Nana & Gramps camera before they left. So, I do not have pictures of my family that was here for Christmas or of the day we all went into Chicago to the Children's museum (batteries died that day). It was interesting to just enjoy the moments without concentrating so much on how to capture them on camera. I think there's a real lesson in there for me to truly live the moments, not just "preserve" them. This morning a friend was telling me about driving up the street in our town only to look up and see the moon gigantic as it rose. She said her first thought was to look and see if she had her camera or phone to take a picture, upon realizing she did not quickly came to the conclusion that a camera could not even come close to catching the majestic quality of the moon at that moment. I think parenthood/family is like the moon...sometimes such a part of our life we take this incredible gift and take it as commonplace...or we carefully preserve pictures, maybe even diaries, when in reality these moments are indefinable yet totally livable. There is something in these relations, these connections that has written in their very core who we are, who we are meant to be, and what we are created for. Oh sure, we botch things up all the time, we live very imperfectly...but the whispers of a deep longing, of a fulfillment and a calling onward, outward and upward is nontheless there.
  • Enough run-on sentences...but enough to say I am grateful and at rest as 2009 has quietly swept us into it's presence.

Friday, December 19, 2008

we're having a snow day!

Yeah for no school, tunnels, snow angels, eating snow (I think you can guess which kids liked which activities best) and most of all....yeah for a VERY white Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

good thoughts

Because I am in the midst of trying to mail out Christmas cards this post really spoke to me on simplifying. While I love both the sending and the receiving of cards (because I'm a bit extroverted and love connecting) I thought this lady's thoughts were really good to read in the midst of the process. And the following quote relates to so much more than sending (or not sending)/receiving cards:
I will assume my friends will be understanding and gracious, and they will still like me, even without cards. Benefit of the doubt is a gracious gift: it makes it so much easier to live with others. When you give benefit of the doubt to others, you are saying, "I am looking at the best in you."

"I am looking at the best in you"...I love that line.


Overheard on the way out the door this morning to take the boys to school:

Maddie: "Mom, why do you look prettier than me this morning?"