Monday, June 1, 2009

the benefits of a Sunday nap

During a mandatory nap time for all family members in our household yesterday, Cole and Josiah made "good" use of the maps that hang above their beds.

The following is their collection of original jokes from their "naptime":
(all answers are states/countries)
1. Which state wears the most contacts?
2. Which state washes the floor the most?
3. Where do ants go in the winter?
4. Which state goes to the Dells the most?
5. What country gets hungry?
6. Which state is really annoying?
7. Which state says I'll wash the floor?
8. Which state had Indians in it?
9. Which state marries the most?
10. Which state has the most tennis shoes?
11. What country loves grease?
12. What country loves turkey?
13. What country has the most canyons?

1. Connecticut
2. Florida
3. Antartcia
4. Deleware
5. Hungary
6. Illinois
7. Washington
8. Indiana
9. Maryland
10. Tennessee
11. Greece
12. Turkey
13. Canada

They made me laugh! Hope you did too!!


Anonymous said...

Good job, guys! You have quite the good sense of humor.

Vicki Frederick

Anonymous said...

You boys' never cease to make Aunt Bebe laugh. Loved your creativity. What is the deal with Issac and "Dionato" and pray why does a lawn ornament have a name??

cheriepasbjerg said...

Jenny! yeah glad to hear from you. The pictures are awesome and but there is one thing wrong, we are cubs fans so, soxs? I know they were playing the Pirates, eeeek even worse.... LOL :) We are coming out for the Chicago marathon again in October, so clear your calendar, we want to see you at some point. xoxoxoxo

At A Hen's Pace said...

These sure are cute. Reminds me of word games I used to make up! ;)


David and Sarah Fry said...

love this!

been thinking of you all....isnt it about time to arrange a get-together? typing w/ one hand...holding our new little guy!!